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Are you looking for inspriation, motivation, light, love, support and endless positivity? Join me for daily pep-talks, and a daily dose of me, sharing insight into writing, business, lifestyle and finding balance through it all.

The WRite Tribe

Episode 5: The Fear of Failure

This week, Author Samantha Davidson discusses her fears of failure, uncertainty, doubt and self sabotage. Krista and Ray provide their own tales of fear, and everyone shares their go-to top tip for overcoming or calming their tumultuous minds.

Guest appearances

Interview With Mark Leslie - Start Reflections

Mark interviews Alberta writer Samantha Davidson a writer he met at the recent When Words Collide conference in Calgary about the author branding of hers that immediately caught his attention immediately and about her next plans while being just at the point of finishing the first novel she plans on publishing. They also talk about the way that she helps to inspire creative people, not just writers but creatives from all pursuits.