Samantha Davidson is a world-travelled photographer, who began her career as a published Journalist for a local paper in British Columbia, Canada. After touching many of the arts, her heart brought her back to the written word.

Samantha's talent reaches through the genre's, crossing borders to encompass stories for all ages. Having completed her first suspense novel, Samantha is currently working on a Young Adult Fantasy, a coming of age story that draws a parallel to our current environmental crisis and commercialism's over consumption.

As a part of the Writers Guild of Alberta, Samantha believes strongly in the power and ability of an association to build up struggling and new artists, and has worked in conjunction with her favorite non-profit and charitable organizations to give back to children around the world with their own dreams to one day touch lives within the arts.

Samantha lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband. Her works have been inspired by the many wonderful places she has had the immense pleasure to travel to and the many people who have touched her life, and allowed her into theirs.

She is inspired by the love of her family, and the abundant life lessons she has received over the years.