Success is yours for the taking!

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I have always had big dreams, but I start a lot, and rarely ever finish anything.

To actually start, stick to, and finish an entire novel - not once, but twice - still blows my mind - let alone complete an entire first draft of a novel in less than two months.

Did I seriously do that?

I'm just wrapping up my third month into my Young Adult Fantasy WIP, and have managed to complete my first round of edits. 

I'm quite literally overflowing with an abundance of motivation and determination right now. 

It's so important for me to just put this out there: if I can do this, so can you!

If you have always dreamt of writing a book, or short stories, or poetry, or truly dreamt about anything - just go do it. 

Don't let nay-sayers get you down. Don't let your fears stand in your way. And you don't have to be perfect... 

I've had to work extremely hard to learn that lesson. It won't be perfect - not your first try, probably not your second or third try either. But eventually, if you don't give up... if you push through, and if you learn to accept that everything in life takes work... you just might be surprised with what you end up with. 

My first draft is messy, and you know what? I love that it's messy. It's sloppy, and chaotic, and missing so much, and has gaping plot holes that I could drive a truck through... but I can recognize it. I can see where my flaws are, I can accept them, and I can grow because of them. 

What is the one thing you've been too scared or self conscious to do? What is one thing you've doubted you were capable of? 

Make 2018 your year. Make 2018 the year where you changed that mindset and made it happen!