It's time to get productive!

Has it really already been another month? So much has already taken place this month... and there's still so much I can't wait to start talking about and revealing to all of you. 

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With Camp Nanowrimo upon us, let's talk productivity. Let's chat about using your time in the best, most effective way possible. 

I have 6 tips to help you be the most productive person you know. (grab a pen, some of these are really good!)

1. EAT THAT FROG - Have you ever read this book by Brian Tracy? It's a game changer - seriously! Ok, so without giving you any reason not to read this book (seriously, you need to read this book!), the general theory is simple. If you had to eat one live frog every single day, wouldn't you want to do it first thing in the morning, get it out of the way, and go on with your day? If you have looming tasks that weigh you down, that are ugly, and difficult... If you have things that need to get done that you absolutely hate doing, do them first. Do them before you do anything else, and move on! Try tackling your challenging tasks before noon, every single day!

2. Cut your to-do list in half! - Trust me on this one. Do you know the 80/20 rule? 20% of what you do with your day produces 80% of your results and success. Why spend the remaining 80% of your time focusing on things that only offer 20% of results? When you focus more energy on the tasks that matter, your productivity will skyrocket! Let me help with a visual...


3. Use your mornings to find your focus - Ok, this might not work for everyone, some of you just aren't morning people, no matter how many times I try to convert you. That's ok, but make either the last thing you do in a day, or the first thing you do in a day, a time of focus. Get your priorities straight, make those shorter to-do lists concise, and plan out what you need to get done in that day. 

4. Take a load off! - No seriously... take a break... go... now! When you focus for too long on any task, your brain goes into a sort of "autopilot" mode. There's sciency stuff that I could explain, but we're creatives, we don't really do science - am I right? So - get up, stretch, grab a snack, or fresh cup of coffee, meditate, go for a walk, whatever you can do that takes you away from where you're working. When you come back, I promise you'll be recharged and ready to tackle more. 

5. Learn the art of Single-tasking - We've all heard of multi-tasking, it's been the buzz word in interviews and corporate environments for the past fifteen years. Multi-taskers are what everyone wants - someone who can balance a million small tasks, who can write an email, while answering the phone, drinking a coffee and saving the world at the same time. Let me tell you, this is a lie! Multi-tasking is evil incarnate! Single tasking is where it's at. I work in Corporate Canada (like Corporate America, just colder with better spelling haha) and when I'm interviewing candidates, I look for someone who can single-task over multi-task. Someone who's capable of focusing on accomplishing one task at a time, instead of spreading themselves too thin, playing a balancing act, and ultimately, dropping every ball in the air (did you know that changing tasks more than 10 times a day can drop your IQ by up to 10 points!) Be more productive, more efficient, and more results driven by focusing on just one task at a time!

6. Understand what is productive, and what is procrastination - Most people wouldn't put these two together, but let me tell you - it's shocking to learn that what you think is productivity, is actually procrastination! How often do you turn to your inbox, and send out emails instead of doing actual work that you might not be too excited about doing. How often do you accept a meeting, instead of grinding out a project or a report that you know needs to get to a client. These are all laziness - procrastination. It's time to get down to it, and it's time to be real with youself, are you being productive, or are you procrastinating. (For the record, I, myself, am procrastinating writing this blog, since I know I should be knocking out word count on my WIP - but let's just keep that between us!)

So there you have it: my top 6 tips to be more productive, results driven, and efficient! 

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