Sometime you just need to do a hard reset!

Good afternoon, and Happy Sunday everyone!

I am bright eyed and bushy tailed this wonderful Sunday, with enough motivation and inspiration to choke a horse! (that was a really bad example of how pumped I am... I would never choke a horse.. nor do I understand that statement... do horses have really wide throats? Is it hard to choke one? Or does that mean to actually wrap your arms around one and try to choke it physically... because that I think I could understand... but again, why would you want to choke a horse?) 

I digress. 

I had an amazing time away with my husband in the mountains this weekend. We stayed at a resort, smack dab in the middle of the Canadian Rockies, where there was no cell reception, no wifi, no tv, no nothing. It was the two of us, a crackling fireplace and a frozen lake that spread out in all directions with nothing to stop it, but the towering mountains. Everything was snow covered, wintery and beautiful. It was amazing to be so far away from everything, to be disconnected, to be somewhere without the buzz of computers and the squawking of phones, the obnoxious "too-loud" chatters that think their conversation is the most important thing in the world, and to be able to focus on what is here, and now, and, of course, to celebrate four amazing years with my loving husband. 


It's so hard to take time for ourselves, have you ever noticed that? To really take time for ourselves. In the chaos of day to day life, in the hustle of trying to get ahead, in the "girl boss" gotta-get-it-done world we create, it's hard to take a moment to just... be. 

It's important to take time for you. To take a few moments every day to just be. It's important to take a day every once in a while to disconnect, and to find you. To focus on what's important and to alleviate every last expectation from your world. That doesn't mean neglect things, but remove expectation. It will be there when you plug back in, but set aside a block of time to release it all, know that everything that needs to be done, will be, and recognize what is good, positive, and intentionally live in that moment.