Happy New Year - Happy Reset!

Let's recap what has happened since November! (you know, since I completely backed away from blogging after the chaos that was Nano and the lead up to Christmas)


I won!

No - not the lottery - Nanowrimo! This means that I took the challenge to write 50 thousand words from November 1 to November 30, and I managed to pull it off!

I have now nearly completed the entire first draft of New Adult Fantasy Novel.

This is a very exciting accomplishment, as my Suspense novel took me over 3 years and I am still mid-re-write. To accomplish a first draft in 30 days blows my mind.

Following Nano, it was necessary to take some down time away from my computer, away from my book, away from writing, blogging, etc. But don't worry, I'm back!

We had a wonderful, quiet Christmas. Having my grandmother with us, my time and energy was on family. Now that Christmas has passed, it's certainly time to get focused again, and finish this draft!

So it's time to hit reset. It's time to start fresh, and it's time to make some serious progress.

I am ready with my bi-monthly goals for 2018, so here we go... don't forget to hold me accountable!

That means one blog post a week.. weekly.. I can do that. After near-daily posting during nano, I can achieve a weekly blog!

Social media? That's easy too... right? Don't forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram, @sm_davidson.

2018 has finally come, and I feel it already - it's going to be a great year! 2017 owes me nothing, we had such an amazing year, full of love, family, memories, and changes for the better. 2018 is going to take what 2017 started, and truly knock it out of the park. Join me, share your stories with me, and let's fly into this new year with gratitude and abundance!