This old dog still has a few tricks up her sleeve!

Now, I wouldn't dream of calling myself old - in public, or in front of anyone who I'd suspect could use it against me in future conversations, but in recent days I have been enlightened to the fact that I may be behind the times a little.

I don't understand when that curve takes a nose dive from "young and in-the-know" to "oh man, do you know how old you sound?" (by the way... thanks to a co-worker, this was a statement I may have been feeling recently, but was NOT prepared to actually hear!)

So, I am learning a couple new tricks, and expanding my "old dog" repertoire to turn some new pages in my techie-saavy how-to book! Step number one - understand the importance of a website that brands and expresses what I do!

I present to you... New website! Isn't it pretty? (and by pretty, I mean - Pretty dark!) It was brought to my attention that the previous look of the website was... romantic. Now while romance is critical in everyone's story - I'm talking about life in general, but the term"story" works in all contexts here - romance is not what I do. I do dark, messed up, creepy and a little on the twisted side.

So grab a cuppa (because I'm feeling a little British today - but for all you westerners that means "cup of coffee/ cup of tea") and have a browse through. Drop me a comment or like my posts, oooh and ahh over the greatness that you see and remember to stop back often for many more fun and fascinating posts!!