"The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your arm." - Swedish Proverb

This is not one of those posts to make you laugh, or for me to show just how witty and entertaining I am. This is one of those posts that I truly hope will make you all feel something, and is my own personal call to action for each and every person reading this. 

You have all heard what has been going on with Hurricane Irma (and hurricane Katia, and Jose, and Harvey). I am sure you can't turn the tv on, the radio on, or start a Google search without being reminded of what is happening with Irma, or the path of destruction from Harvey. 

The worst of the storm has now passed, but the devastation is a very real thing for millions of people throughout the Caribbean and the southern US. I am personally blown away by the images I have seen, and it breaks my heart to look at evidence of roads I have spent years walking down, stores, bars and restaurants I have spent countless hours at, and the people that have dedicated their lives creating these memorable places, completely flattened and destroyed. Below are some images I have taken over the years, and pulled from various sites, and google searches of those very places that I have known and LOVED that have been irreparably ravaged.

I am not typically that person to ask others to open their wallets and donate to the problem, but when these things hit so close to home, I am moved to create an opportunity for such assistance to be easily found, should you want to help. 

Canada Helps is a great resource for this, and allows you to pick the organization you want to support. If you are feeling generous, or have been moved by the impact of these storms, please do not hesitate to click on the link below. 


Most of the images above are from St. Maarten, where I have spent countless hours basking in the sun and surrounded by loved ones, family, ship family, and friends. It is where my husband proposed, and so many memories were created. St. Thomas harbour is also shown above, both before and after, and in an image I took from the top of the gondola. Tortola, which will always remain the best island in the Caribbean - in my humble opinion - and Virgin Gorda, where I spent my sisters 30th birthday with her, are devastated nearly beyond recognition, but the love, memories and life that I have spent in these places will always be more powerful than any storm that rolls through.