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Now that you have given your genre diligent thought, and narrowed down what audience you're writing for, you need to determine who is going to tell the story.

Point of view is broken down into:

  • First person - The story is told by your main character. "I" as the narrator.
  • Second person - This is generally used in instructional writing, where the writing would be told from the perspective of "you".
  • Third Person - This story is told as an detached third party. This would include, "he" and "she".

Tense typically goes hand in hand with POV, and this is a really generalized explanation, but knowing what tense your story will be written in should be clear from the start, it will save you hours of editing later in the process.

Tense is broken down to

  • Past - Writing as though you are telling a story that has already taken place - commonly used in third person POV
  • Present - Telling the story as you go, what is happening now - most commonly used with first person POV
  • Future - This is rare to find, and hard to achieve, but this would be the telling of what is yet to come.