Writing is a solitary task - Don't do it alone!

I'm baack!

You really shouldn't be surprised, you have 25 more days of this... I told you to buckle up earlier, and boy oh boy I wasn't kidding. I mean... we've had ups, we've had downs (pretend along with me) and we are only 1 week in!

If you are reading along with my blog, you are probably also following me on social media. If you are following me on social media, you are probably following other writers as well... Good job you are a part of the community!

End of Post!

Ok, not end of post, but honestly, you're on the right track!

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Nanowrimo is about community, and although writing is very independent, having a community around you is so important to finding success. I talk about doing different writing conferences, but being a part of writing groups, critique groups, organizations etc, will get you so much further in this journey.

Make sure you take advantage of this during preptober and the month of November. Search YouTube for "Nanowrimo" or "preptober" or even the genre you tend to write. Get on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. You will find an abundance of authors in every phase of writing/ publishing. Reach out to them. It's hard to step out of our comfort zones, as so many of us writers tend to be a little on the introverted side, but when you do, there is a big world full of unexpected things and a wealth of knowledge to be found. Check out your "home region" on the Nanowrimo website, and join a write-in with other local aspiring writers.

You are going to need the support of the Nanowrimo community when you set up to do this 50,000 word task. It will get hard, you will hit a wall, and when you do, lean on those around you who just might be going through the exact same thing!