Go ahead... Get Messy!!

No no, it's not your lucky day... two blogs?? I wouldn't go running out for a lotto ticket just yet.

Life gets busy... it has a tendency to do that, and I didn't have a chance last night to post my daily tip, so I am making up for lost time (or lost tips in this case!)

So everyone has heard of that whole "right brain, left brain" rule, right? The right side is your creative side (hence why, statistically those who are left handed are more creative - there's a criss-cross effect there) and your left side is your analytical side.


Therefore, it can be deduced that when you are writing, creating words on paper, your right brain is fully engaged. Editing, on the other hand, all takes place in the left brain, being critical, structured, strategic, practical - I could go on.

During your month of Nanowrimo, I urge you to let your right brain rule! Let the passion flow out of you, let the words hit the paper and let things get a little messy. 50,000 words is a lot to try to get onto paper when you are concerned about conjunctions, or catching dangling modifiers. Focus on the words, getting the story out. There will be so much time to go back in and fine tune, but first drafts are exactly that... a FIRST draft.