Get Set....

I get really angsty about plans. 

I love plans.. I live and breath planning, but when I am pressured to organize, I get really overwhelmed with all the variables, and find that I overthink the task at hand. I mean, it is counter-intuitive to have a half-baked plan right? 


Because my day has been dedicated to none other than "planning", tonight's Preptober tip is schedules. 

Scheduling will be one of the hardest, and yet greatest, skill you will require to succeed at Nanowrimo. Getting a jump start during October is a great training platform and helps to get you in the habit (habits, afterall are formed in 21 days) so that by November 1st, you'll be a pro!

It's time to get your agenda, pen, highlighters and notebooks ready. 

There are so many different organizational tools out there, but you have to learn what works for you. For me, I like to see, on paper, my tasks and to-do lists, and an hourly breakdown of how my day needs to be spent. I prioritize my to-do list, and begin to apply them into my schedule. 

I am a morning person, so my really important, tedious or least favourite tasks need to take place first thing in the morning. It's when I am most productive, quickest thinking, and typically completely hopped up on caffeine!

I make sure to schedule everything in, from time with my husband, to brain storming. I even allot time to do my daily planning, which includes creating my to-do list, scheduling and organizing emails. This way, nothing gets forgotten. 

During Nano, you are going to work on dedicating time every night (or day, or morning) to writing approximately 1700 words. You need to make it a priority, and you need to plan it.

During Preptember, you have to be just as diligent. A perfectly made plan will ultimately help the 50,000 words for Nanowrimo, flow so much easier. So make sure you are dedicating time -today, tomorrow, and for the next 28 days - to plan ahead!