Three Days and Counting!

Ok, so here we are at three days and counting. I am starting to get so excited and the anticipation of starting Nanowrimo is getting to me. I have actually outlined this much of a novel before starting - you know, since I'm a pantser - and I really had no idea I could do as much as I have in the short amount of time I've had over the past month.



I am doing everything in my power not to spoil anything, but I am really excited to share this incredible journey with all of you.

I am about 15 chapters into my detailed outline, and managed to set aside a good chunk of time today to create my character profiles.

In case you have a hard time visualizing your characters without an image to go from, let me suggest Rinmaru Games - Fantasy Avatar Creator. This site is great, especially if you are working with fantasy characters. It's really easy to build up each of your characters to match exactly what you see in your minds eye.

These are two of my supporting characters (like I said, I cant spoil too much!).

Three days writers! It's time to put together all our last minute details, get your workstations ready, and make sure your schedules are cleared to begin!