Shhh... did you hear that?

Now that you have listed out everything you need in your Nanowrimo Survival kit, it's time to action some of those items.

One of the most important writing tools for me (other than coffee) is music. I struggle to find the right balance of instrumental, ambient noise, acoustic and lyrics. I want music that is upbeat, but I don't want lyrics because then I get distracted - but I want to be able to sing along on occasion. I want noise that can drowned out any caterwauling (haha like that?)  in my household so that I can focus, but isn't so loud, so that I can't hear my own thoughts.


I have a few go-to playlists on Spotify: Instrumental Pop Covers, and the entire Odesza collection. I also love Greg Sebell, who is a local artist from my home town and has the most remarkable talent and a voice you can get lost in for days.

Beyond living on Spotify, there are times where I just want ambience. Noisli is amazing for ambient noise, and allows you to completely customize the sounds you love, and how predominantly each component plays.

The other page that fellow writer, Kayla Walker, suggested is a Harry Potter ambient sound mixer. You can select from an array of locations at Hogwarts, like the Gryffindor Common Room, a storm on Hogwarts express, or Diagon Alley. I definitely will be trying this one out during Nanowrimo 2017! So do you have your playlists ready to go?