If you dont like the world you live - Build your own!

I am really uncomfortable giving advise on topics that I am so completely unfamiliar with. I'm going to do it anyway!

Now if you have even envisioned the setting for your story, or created a covert branch of government that your MC was secretly enlisted into, then you, believe it or not, have world-built. (Is world-built a term?) Then you have participated in this magical thing called world building! (That's better)

World building is the act of constructing a fictional world. This is, the characters, the settings, the government and society, the flora and fauna, the animals, the atmosphere, etc. You get the picture.

Now I don't have the experience, or the space to dive into this topic far enough to let you walk away with a solid constructed world. You won't leave from this with this brilliant land to begin your story in. I wanted to present a few options though, for you to start your world building journey. There are sooo many questions to ask when you start, the task can seem overwhelming (I have sat through so many panel discussions, and read so many blogs and how-to's that my mind literally overheats and shuts down when I start looking at this Everest hike of an outline)

Below are a few links that have helped me so immensely. They have given me food for thought. There have been questions that I can answer most definitely with the plot details I have thus far hashed out, and there are other questions that make me go back to the drawing board to look for my answers. My best advise is to just dive in. One question at a time, and before you know it, your fictional world may not seem so fictional anymore, but a real and tangible place (that's when you know you are ready to start telling your story)

  1. Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
  2. Tiana Warner
  3. Evie Driver