On your mark....

So if you are like me, you are the kind of person that doesn't read instructions. You jump in, head first, hoping you get it right the first time. Sometimes it works...

Sometimes you go back to the drawing board.

My first tip for Preptober is, well... Prep!


I wrote my entire first book, and pansted the whole thing (I tried to outline, but I quickly got bored). Now, I am re-writing the entire novel... let my mistake be your lesson.

Donald Maass has a remarkably easy to follow guide to outlining. "The Breakout Novelist" is chalked full of thought provoking subject matter and exercises to take your concept,  twist it, complicate it, conflict it, and guide you in your outlining journey.

So step one on my Preptober journey - give your project some real thought, grab a high quality resource guide and start outlining!! (trust me... it's exponentially harder re-writing than it is getting it nearly right the first time)