ACK! I've fallen behind!

What a great subject for this blog, when I have fallen two days behind this week! I am going to make this short and sweet but I am going to - hold onto your hats here - Cover two topics!!

Ok, that wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be, a bit anticlimactic there eh? If you bear with me til the end, I'll throw in a little more excitement! (NO SKIPPING AHEAD!!)

The first topic I missed was how to end each writing session. Set yourself up to jump into your next day of writing with ease; and without having to go back and re-read a paragraph to get into the story. Make sure to finish every night of writing with a couple sentences for the next chapter, next paragraph, or next scene. If you do this, your brain will instinctively dive right back into exactly where you were when you shut down the night before. (see... short and sweet)

Next - Make sure to claim every spare second you can. If you have 15 minutes on your lunch break, 10 minutes waiting for a bus, or 20 minutes while your dinner is cooking, use them! Claim EVERY minute you can to get those precious words onto paper.

As promised, a little excitement in an otherwise wordy blog! Since we are talking about claiming time, I tossed in a video by Mykal Kilgore (I know! I know! it really doesn't have a ton to do with this blog, but when do you ever turn down time to procrastinate and listen to an amazing accoustic performance?!!) . He is an amazing artist I had the pleasure of working with during my years on ships. This video went viral a few months back and as soon as I realised I would be doing a blog about "claiming my time" he was the first thing that popped into my head! (and stayed in my head - careful this song finds a spot in your brain and doesn't let go!!)

He's so amazing, you have to follow him on youtube and facebook!!