The Dreaded Dragon Flu!

Ok, so I am not about to talk about the Dreaded Dragon Flu (ba bada baaaaa), but if you don't know what the Dreaded Dragon Flu is, you're missing out!! Before I get carried away on my digression, Scorch The Dragon was an old pilot show that ran all of 8 episodes, but was pretty awesome.

So, before I got distracted, I wanted to talk about the Dreaded Writer's Block!!

Getting writer's block is like running smack dab into a stone wall. You can sit in front of your computer/ journnal/ pad of paper, for hours on end and NOTHING will come. It wont mean that your brain shuts off, or that you even get easily distracted; but Writer's block can slow down the creative juices, make coming up with new concepts challenging, or can stop you dead in your tracks for months on end.

So how do you overcome it? Below are 11 tricks - yes 11... because doing 10 or 12 is just too normal! - I have found (but not yet had to test in their entirety) to help move past your creative slow down:

  • Change up your music selection
  • Journal
  • Eliminate distractions (stay off social media!)
  • Move around, go for a walk
  • Change up your environment (Go to a coffee shop to write, move to somewhere else, sit in the back yard)
  • Brainstorm new ideas
  • Read
  • Do something completely unrelated- Play a game or watch a movie
  • Step away and do something creative (scrapbook, draw, paint)
  • Write at a different time of day
  • Return to where you first generated the story idea, look for more inspiration