Bring on the rewards!

I have mentioned this in posts before, but I am super motivated by rewards! Therefore, I am starting to think about my milestone rewards for this year's Nanowrimo.

Having rewards in place before you start the month will give you that drive and motivation to knock it out of the park.

So how are you going to set your rewards throughout your writing journey this November?

  • Every 1500 words?
  • Hitting your word count target every day for a week? Two weeks?
  • Attending 2 write-ins?
  • Finishing all 50,000 words?

It helps when your rewards are progressive, if they get better the further you get. Maybe your first tier is dinner out with a loved one, the second tier is binge watching your favorite TV show one afternoon, or maybe for achieving your full 50,000 words you decide to take a weekend away (ooh to enjoy a snowy weekend in a cabin in the woods!)

So what are your rewards going to be this year?