Missing the mark is one of the ways in which we learn to hit the target.

A very happy and wonderful Sunday to you all! Wherever you are today, I hope that your out making the most of your weekend. 

It's been a busy week, and one that challenged my personal goals. It was my first week back at work after nearly three weeks off over Christmas, and boy did it feel like a first week back. Things at my day job were calm, which gave me the opportunity to catch up on anything that was outstanding, and really clear the slate to begin the new year fresh. I truly love what I do for my day job, and I am so incredibly thankful for the company and the boss I work for. I know I am blessed to have job security in this constantly changing economy, but its more than that, I am so lucky to be able to call my office home and my colleagues friends; I am reminded, all the time, how special it is to love going to work. 

My husband was out of town this week, and I had anticipated achieving all of my daily goals, and then some since I had the house to myself and no wifely responsibilities. My one goal for my manuscript is to complete 730 words a day until March 31, thus fulfilling my word count target of 85,000 and completing my debut novel; however, I hadn’t really thought about what I was writing when I anticipated hitting my word count targets this week. I was just wrapping up a sub plot climax, and had to really reach into some dark places to get through the writing. I sat, alone in the house, on my bed with my laptop whirring, waiting, and I just couldn’t get to that dark place. 

Now, I usually don’t have that much of an issue being alone, it’s just that when you allow your mind to go to those deep, dark and violent places, typically - and any other writers out there could probably attest to this - you live those scenes. It wasn’t something I was prepared to live through without the refuge of my husband beside me incase it all became too much at 3am, which is typically when my imagination likes to carry me away. 

So, writing wasn’t much of an option last week. Next up, reading. If I can’t write, I might as well read right? Wrong! I am just starting “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed. Perfect! “Wild” is far from a book that will take my mind to dark places, at least that’s what I thought. It didn’t drag me to the violent places my own novel would, but it did drag me down a path of sorrow and pain. I won’t spoil it for you, if you have yet to read it (or watched the movie - apparently ‘book is better’, and therefore I have held back from watching the movie) Cheryl begins with the struggles in her life that brought her to the Pacific Crest Trail, some of which had been a very similar battle for my own family over the past year. It tore my heart out to read the chapters, I cried about three or four times - and gave up - sobbing alone in my room. I opted for smutty TV instead. 

That left me with a weekend of making up ground. I had nearly 4500 words to account for, between groceries, cleaning the house, meal prep for the week, getting my blog written, and then Sunday was filled with a newborn photo shoot (yes, yet another hobby of mine), editing said shoot, and a baby shower for a friend. I set to getting my day started, but that didn’t happen till nearly 10am, groceries and meal prep done by 1:00. I sat down and started writing. About 3 hours, countless distractions, several coffee’s and 2500 words later, I had broken through the other side of the sub plot climax, I was through the dark place. I also will take this moment to acknowledge, maybe for the first time, that I have one hell of a task ahead of me. This was a minor compared to where my book is headed. I didn’t think I knew quite how deep I would be digging to complete my novel.

My day today began slower than yesterday, which is a blessing. I am not one of those people that can jump up from bed and begin my day. I am an early riser, which allows me the time to have my first - and sometimes second - cup of coffee before my phone rings, before my husband wakes up, before any of the world around me starts moving. That was my morning today. As the day progressed I got ready for my shoot, and headed out. It was a great shoot, something new, as I don’t typically have many newborns around to photograph. I finished that later than expected, and I hate being late to an engagement, so I opted to cancel on the baby shower (I will make it up to her with lunch later this week). I got home and got my edits complete, and have enough time to squish my blog in before finishing the 1700 words I need to catch up on, make dinner, and call it a night.

I will ask for luck moving into this next week. Finding that hour to write at night might prove to be a struggle, and I may have to force myself to take lunch breaks at work, even if it means going to a coffee shop and focusing on my writing. I have to make it a priority! If any of you have suggestions to schedule yourself and improve your time management, leave me a comment below, I am always open to new suggestions. 

Moving forward with my blogs, now that I feel like if you didn’t sufficiently know me before, you probably have a pretty good idea about who I am from these past three weeks, I plan to use this time to dig into new topics, whether it be out of the box ideas, controversial subjects, learning something new, etc. I have so many opinions and I think it’s time I share them! (Que laughter)

I look forward to venturing into the weeks that come with all of you (are we still at 5 readers?) and exploring the endless opportunities to ramble on and on about whatever pleases me! Have a wonderful week and we will talk to you all soon!