To begin, you must start...

As I sit here welcoming 2017, reflecting on 2016, and praising and punishing myself for both the growth, and the wasted opportunities this year, I realise that my greatest “vent” outlet may just be the thing I need in order to get all my thoughts on the table; to move into the new year with new objectives, new motives, goals, plans, expectations, hopes, etc. So with a clear mind, a clean home, a fresh cup of coffee, a bathtub brimming with hot water, and some “piano chill” music in the background I begin.

You are about to embark on the *fingers crossed* greatest year-long journey I have taken to date! I know, I know, I am setting the bar high here, but isn’t that what New Year’s resolutions are for?

Resolution #1 – Remember to, and make time for blogging! After all, how are you going to follow the journey with me, from some unknown 30-something with a dream, to a full-blown published writer if I don’t include you along the way?

Resolution #2 – Move past chapter 8 in my first manuscript. This requires the time and dedication to write… Any writer out there reading this is probably laughing, simply because this blog in itself is a procrastination tool to keep me from diving into my novel, but I will remind you… I am writing, maybe not the novel, but I AM writing – that counts for something doesn’t it?

Resolution #3 – Health – mind, body and soul! (I know – Deep!) What I mean by health is knowing when too much is too much, this is something I have yet to master, overwhelming myself with my day job (yes I have one of those – one that does demand a lot of me, but that I absolutely love and wouldn’t trade for the world) and my hobbies, I have too many to count, and if left unchecked can become all consuming. I am blessed to have a wonderful husband, and a very loving cuddly cat. I should have more hours in the day than many other women who balance kids, a day job, husbands, pets, a household, writing and lord knows what else. So being in control of my time and learning to balance is going to be key in achieving Resolution both #1 and #2.

That’s it. I could ramble on with many many more resolutions (like remembering to pull dinner out of the freezer so that I can stick to the menu I arrange weekly, or not forgetting the laundry in the washer for 3 days, only having to rewash it, and forgetting it all over again until my husband reminds me that he is running low on underwear!) but let’s just pretend that those are common resolutions for everyone and, being who I am, I refuse to do what everyone else is doing I will refrain from including these - but secretly, these are among my resolutions for this year!

2016 was a year for the books, as many of you will agree. I wasn’t sure that it set out to be, I was hopeful for all the potential that it held, but I think deep down I knew it would be a test. Health for myself and my family have been challenged this year. Loved ones have been ripped from our lives in the most unexpected ways. We have said goodbye to family and friends – two and four legged. Work has overwhelmed us, life has left us sitting on the floor with our heads in our hands asking why, and somehow the world we inhabit has circled around the sun once more to prove to us that through it all… we remain, and although we may be changed, although we may move forward without portions of our heart intact, or without that familiar presence by our side, we move forward… 2017 is going to be a year of healing, of growth, of clarity. I can feel it.

So with my fingers all warmed up, my mind clear, and a million ideas flashing through my brain, I am going to close by saying: Strap in, hold on tight, and welcome to the adventure as it begins. Thank you for joining me in my journey, thank you for having faith in me to achieve my 2017 resolutions, or perhaps thank you for not laughing loud enough for me to hear on this side of my computer when your doubts are waiting to see if I fail… I wont take it personally… I accept the challenge and am excited to prove you wrong!


Happy New Year!