And so it begins....


Here we are writers. It is officially the last 3 hours of October  - Happy Halloween by the way - and Nanowrimo begins. Are you ready?

I'm not!

It's crunch time and I am still swamped with work, and home life and external factors, I'm not 100% complete with character profiles or outlining, but you know what? This is the furthest I have ever taken outlining. I am a pantser, and a damn good pantser! I got this!

I wanted to officially welcome all my writer buddies, my readers, and those of you who have randomly stumbled into my mess of words, to Nanowrimo.

Let November being!!!!

Three Days and Counting!

Ok, so here we are at three days and counting. I am starting to get so excited and the anticipation of starting Nanowrimo is getting to me. I have actually outlined this much of a novel before starting - you know, since I'm a pantser - and I really had no idea I could do as much as I have in the short amount of time I've had over the past month.



I am doing everything in my power not to spoil anything, but I am really excited to share this incredible journey with all of you.

I am about 15 chapters into my detailed outline, and managed to set aside a good chunk of time today to create my character profiles.

In case you have a hard time visualizing your characters without an image to go from, let me suggest Rinmaru Games - Fantasy Avatar Creator. This site is great, especially if you are working with fantasy characters. It's really easy to build up each of your characters to match exactly what you see in your minds eye.

These are two of my supporting characters (like I said, I cant spoil too much!).

Three days writers! It's time to put together all our last minute details, get your workstations ready, and make sure your schedules are cleared to begin!



Now is the time!

I had mentioned earlier this month that I would be making a big announcement, and I think I have held out long enough!

Anyone who has been following my writing journey knows that I have been working really hard on my debut novel, a dark and twisted suspense. Now, while I love suspense, and getting really dark and creepy, my heart has been calling me in another direction lately.

So, for Nanowrimo 2017 I am mixing things up a little!

It's time to reveal the new project!! 

My next book is going to be a New Adult Fantasy. Below is a sneak peek synopsis:

best-books-book-youll-ever-read copy.jpg

What's a Kobold you ask? You will have to read and find out!

Shhh... did you hear that?

Now that you have listed out everything you need in your Nanowrimo Survival kit, it's time to action some of those items.

One of the most important writing tools for me (other than coffee) is music. I struggle to find the right balance of instrumental, ambient noise, acoustic and lyrics. I want music that is upbeat, but I don't want lyrics because then I get distracted - but I want to be able to sing along on occasion. I want noise that can drowned out any caterwauling (haha like that?)  in my household so that I can focus, but isn't so loud, so that I can't hear my own thoughts.


I have a few go-to playlists on Spotify: Instrumental Pop Covers, and the entire Odesza collection. I also love Greg Sebell, who is a local artist from my home town and has the most remarkable talent and a voice you can get lost in for days.

Beyond living on Spotify, there are times where I just want ambience. Noisli is amazing for ambient noise, and allows you to completely customize the sounds you love, and how predominantly each component plays.

The other page that fellow writer, Kayla Walker, suggested is a Harry Potter ambient sound mixer. You can select from an array of locations at Hogwarts, like the Gryffindor Common Room, a storm on Hogwarts express, or Diagon Alley. I definitely will be trying this one out during Nanowrimo 2017! So do you have your playlists ready to go?


Get it together already!

No no, not your sanity! Your Survival Kit!

50,000 words will take it out of you, so having all your favourite go-to items ready when you need them, will make this process so much easier!

Below is what I need to make sure that each and every time I sit down to write, my mind can be focused solely on the task at hand!

Survival Kit.jpg