Success is yours for the taking!

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I have always had big dreams, but I start a lot, and rarely ever finish anything.

To actually start, stick to, and finish an entire novel - not once, but twice - still blows my mind - let alone complete an entire first draft of a novel in less than two months.

Did I seriously do that?

I'm just wrapping up my third month into my Young Adult Fantasy WIP, and have managed to complete my first round of edits. 

I'm quite literally overflowing with an abundance of motivation and determination right now. 

It's so important for me to just put this out there: if I can do this, so can you!

If you have always dreamt of writing a book, or short stories, or poetry, or truly dreamt about anything - just go do it. 

Don't let nay-sayers get you down. Don't let your fears stand in your way. And you don't have to be perfect... 

I've had to work extremely hard to learn that lesson. It won't be perfect - not your first try, probably not your second or third try either. But eventually, if you don't give up... if you push through, and if you learn to accept that everything in life takes work... you just might be surprised with what you end up with. 

My first draft is messy, and you know what? I love that it's messy. It's sloppy, and chaotic, and missing so much, and has gaping plot holes that I could drive a truck through... but I can recognize it. I can see where my flaws are, I can accept them, and I can grow because of them. 

What is the one thing you've been too scared or self conscious to do? What is one thing you've doubted you were capable of? 

Make 2018 your year. Make 2018 the year where you changed that mindset and made it happen!



Happy New Year - Happy Reset!

Let's recap what has happened since November! (you know, since I completely backed away from blogging after the chaos that was Nano and the lead up to Christmas)


I won!

No - not the lottery - Nanowrimo! This means that I took the challenge to write 50 thousand words from November 1 to November 30, and I managed to pull it off!

I have now nearly completed the entire first draft of New Adult Fantasy Novel.

This is a very exciting accomplishment, as my Suspense novel took me over 3 years and I am still mid-re-write. To accomplish a first draft in 30 days blows my mind.

Following Nano, it was necessary to take some down time away from my computer, away from my book, away from writing, blogging, etc. But don't worry, I'm back!

We had a wonderful, quiet Christmas. Having my grandmother with us, my time and energy was on family. Now that Christmas has passed, it's certainly time to get focused again, and finish this draft!

So it's time to hit reset. It's time to start fresh, and it's time to make some serious progress.

I am ready with my bi-monthly goals for 2018, so here we go... don't forget to hold me accountable!

That means one blog post a week.. weekly.. I can do that. After near-daily posting during nano, I can achieve a weekly blog!

Social media? That's easy too... right? Don't forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram, @sm_davidson.

2018 has finally come, and I feel it already - it's going to be a great year! 2017 owes me nothing, we had such an amazing year, full of love, family, memories, and changes for the better. 2018 is going to take what 2017 started, and truly knock it out of the park. Join me, share your stories with me, and let's fly into this new year with gratitude and abundance!


And so it begins....


Here we are writers. It is officially the last 3 hours of October  - Happy Halloween by the way - and Nanowrimo begins. Are you ready?

I'm not!

It's crunch time and I am still swamped with work, and home life and external factors, I'm not 100% complete with character profiles or outlining, but you know what? This is the furthest I have ever taken outlining. I am a pantser, and a damn good pantser! I got this!

I wanted to officially welcome all my writer buddies, my readers, and those of you who have randomly stumbled into my mess of words, to Nanowrimo.

Let November being!!!!

Three Days and Counting!

Ok, so here we are at three days and counting. I am starting to get so excited and the anticipation of starting Nanowrimo is getting to me. I have actually outlined this much of a novel before starting - you know, since I'm a pantser - and I really had no idea I could do as much as I have in the short amount of time I've had over the past month.



I am doing everything in my power not to spoil anything, but I am really excited to share this incredible journey with all of you.

I am about 15 chapters into my detailed outline, and managed to set aside a good chunk of time today to create my character profiles.

In case you have a hard time visualizing your characters without an image to go from, let me suggest Rinmaru Games - Fantasy Avatar Creator. This site is great, especially if you are working with fantasy characters. It's really easy to build up each of your characters to match exactly what you see in your minds eye.

These are two of my supporting characters (like I said, I cant spoil too much!).

Three days writers! It's time to put together all our last minute details, get your workstations ready, and make sure your schedules are cleared to begin!



Now is the time!

I had mentioned earlier this month that I would be making a big announcement, and I think I have held out long enough!

Anyone who has been following my writing journey knows that I have been working really hard on my debut novel, a dark and twisted suspense. Now, while I love suspense, and getting really dark and creepy, my heart has been calling me in another direction lately.

So, for Nanowrimo 2017 I am mixing things up a little!

It's time to reveal the new project!! 

My next book is going to be a New Adult Fantasy. Below is a sneak peek synopsis:

best-books-book-youll-ever-read copy.jpg

What's a Kobold you ask? You will have to read and find out!